JM-Final-Headshot-Gimp-WhiteI am lucky to have grown up in a creative family.  My father was an art director and made games for a living at Parker Brothers.  My mother began her career in the publishing industry, but when she decided to take the lead on raising a family she quit her “day job” but still surrounded the home with artistic things like pottery (we had a kiln in the basement), stained glass, and other various forms of art.  My oldest sister went to Emerson to study acting, and my younger sister went to Mass College of Art.

As for me – I like to build things.  I have a degree in engineering from Tufts University (Go Jumbos!) – although I never actually held a job in engineering. I migrated towards the sales end of technology – specifically software – and before you know it I was selling analytics solutions for most of the 90’s.  I had a stint founding my own company early in the year 2000 – learned a TON – but two years later had to shut it down and start anew (perhaps some day I will write a blog about that experience!)  I found myself in the start-up world for several more years and then in 2006 joined a little company by the name of IBM.

I’ve held various positions at IBM, my most recent leading a team of sellers for the Watson Customer Engagement brand.  Any salesperson that says sales is not creative is obviously not doing it right.  I have enjoyed helping my team build cognitive solutions for many fantastic clients.  And when I’m not working – I find plenty of time to keep my creative juices flowing.  I also enjoy team sports, and fill my year with plenty of basketball and softball.  And last – but by no means least – I am happily married and have 3 wonderful children – life truly has been good (and I intend to keep it that way!)

I’m not entirely sure what stories and posts will end up in this blog – but I hope you find them at least mildly interesting, entertaining, or informative.  And truth be told – the purpose of this site is mostly selfish.  Like I pointed out earlier – I like building things!

John McMahon – November 2017