8 reasons why it pays to be happy at work

Growing up I was constantly told that if I wanted to be happy I needed to work hard and become successful.  But with recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology, I am happy to announce that the old-school “formula for success” is backward! Contrary to this long-established opinion – new findings show that when […]

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What makes a system cognitive?

Let’s face it, the terms “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” have become ubiquitous – as have the myriad of companies and organizations that claim they have harnessed these capabilities to the benefit of business and society. I happen to work for a company that is at the forefront of the AI revolution.  At IBM we […]

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IBM’s Watson Wants to Help You Make a Movie – PCMag

PCMag IBM’s Watson Wants to Help You Make a Movie PCMag Until now, creative minds have been human. But IBM’s Watson, not content to use its computing power solely to cure cancer or cook you dinner, has added filmmaking to its repertoire. The cognitive computer turned up at the Tribeca Film Festival to do …and […]

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