This journey begins now

A great journey lies ahead – at least I hope it’s great.  It’s as if I’m waiting at a quiet airport terminal before a monumental flight.  But unlike my previous trips to the airport – I have no idea where this flight is headed.  I have a sense of where it may go – but part of me is excited at the possibility of the unexpected.  My family and friends are tired of me talking about this new “trip” – but thankfully I have finally done something about it! (Thank you WordPress for making it easy)

Thus begins my online chronicles.

(I must admit – that sounds WAY better than “blog”!)

I venture to guess that as the posts accumulate (and I do hope they accumulate) they will take on all different forms.  As a business leader in the world of cognitive solutions – I suspect I will have my fair share of posts in and around that subject.  As a huge proponent of positive psychology, I anticipate some posts of that variety.  And finally – as a proud dad, husband, brother, son, friend, and coworker – I should have plenty more topics to discuss.

The question is will I set aside the time to make this happen.

Time will tell.

But for now – I’m excited to finally board this plane!

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